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Why Athena and Artemis?

  After many years in the industry, I've finally realized that female fly anglers need a dedicated place for gear and clothing... we need our own fly shop.

  Throughout the 10+ years of co-owning my own fly shop, I kept hearing that women were tired of wearing  waders that don't fit, and that they were tired of searching for gear and clothing, but finding very little, if any,  in one place.  

After years of frustration it occurred to me, why not open a shop that any woman, anywhere, could access with no pressure to do or say anything, no tests, no questions, just great quality stuff for women anglers ALL IN ONE PLACE? 

  Take a look around, and drop us an e-mail if you have any questions or can't find what you are looking for.


My very best to you goddesses of the fly! Now get fishing!


- Geri 







~~~~~  Athena… Goddess of wisdom and strategy.  ~~~~~

~~~~~  Artemis…Goddess of the hunt.  ~~~~~

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