How Insect Shield Works

Geri Meyer

Posted on July 19 2016

So lately we have gotten a few people asking about the qualities of Insect Shield and if it really works or not.  We're going to lay down some facts, and let you know what it really is, and why it really DOES work to keep the creepy crawlies away. 
To begin, the main ingredient imbued within Insect Shield is permethrin, which is a medicine and chemical used as a treatment for  head lice, and is highly effective against mosquitoes and ticks. It acts as a neurotoxin for almost all insects, but has extremely low mamallian toxicity and is very difficult to absorb through the skin. It is tightly woven into fabrics through multiple processes, so that the EPA-registered longivity of the product is 70 launderings, which is also the expected lifetime of any garment! You also don't need any special care for Insect Shield products, as they are meant to be washed exactly the same way as your other clothing. However, you are not supposed to dry clean any garments with insect shield, as the chemicals may be removed through the process, reducing the effectiveness. 
To be EPA-registered a large amount of time must be spent researching the product, repeating tests and experiments and continuously monitoring the garments themselves. Insect Shield was registered in 2003, and since then the shelf life of the garments has remained almost exactly the same with no degradation. As an added plus, the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Academy of Family Physicians all recommend the use of Insect Shield.  
In short, it really does work, and is highly researched. Its a great alternative to continually spraying yourself with repellants, and dealing with the hassle of reapplication.  We recommend the use of it, and offer products with it on the E-store! 
If you want to know more, head to to  see for yourself!

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