Here we go!

Geri Meyer

Posted on July 14 2015

Well, it's here... Athena & Artemis Women's Fly Shop is finally open! After years of dreaming, planning, sketching (poorly), and making phone call after phone call, we jumped and held our breath. Our metaphoric doors are open, and we can't wait to see how this crazy plan unfolds!

While I find the women's fly shop piece of the puzzle to be extremely valuable, what's more important to me personally is the "community". There have been so many days that I've felt like I'm navigating this fly fishing world completely alone, and how wonderful is it when you find other people who shares similar experiences, similar needs, and sometimes similar frustrations. When we build and invest in a community we can create our own experiences. The community page is set up to provide information and assistance for the female fly angler, AND, it's a work in progress...

 The "Hosted Trips" tab is a page to list women's trips, both domestic and abroad. Typically on all trips, the participants, as well as the host will be  women. If you know of anyone who is looking to fish with some girlfriends, send them over to the page.

The "Classes/Clinics/Events" tab is designed to list all upcoming fly fishing related women's events. This one is going to take some work, obviously I am dependent on help from the community of female anglers to let me know (in a timely manner) that there are upcoming events that need to be listed. This is free advertising, so please share with any and all clubs and organizations that have women's fly fishing events.

The "Newsletter" tab is going to have A&A's monthly newsletter that will highlight a Guide of the Month, or a Tyer of the Month, perhaps a fly pattern, possibly sales and promos, maybe sneak peeks at new products. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep female anglers informed and in-the-loop of the fly fishing world.

The "Guide/Instructor" tab is going to be a page dedicated to female guides and instructors. The page will not only list female guides and instructors with their information and links to their websites, but it will also categorize them by state and country. Unfortunately this page isn't up yet (hopefully by the end of the week), and there are only a handful of names so far. This page will definitely grow... if you know a female guide send her our way, it's a FREE service!!!

I guess that's about it for today. Thank you all for your support, and please let us know what you think!!

- Geri

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